Buyer Services

Upward Exits is a boutique business brokerage. We aim to add transparency to the business buying process and will work with qualified sellers to structure purchase agreements that are beneficial for all parties.

Purchase Financing

Because we have a narrow focus on digital businesses we have developed relationships with lenders who are comfortable with digital businesses. 

We have developed relationships with a small number of lenders who are comfortable with lending for digital business acquisitions.  

Accurate Valuations

Far more than just applying a multiple to earnings.  Our multiple valuations are based on precedent transactions and marketplace comps.  

We also can create three stage DCFs and buyer return forecasts for businesses using leverage or selling for over $500K.

Business Vetting

The Upward Exits vetting process looks into business history, revenue from various sales channels, backlink structure and content originality.  Because we are a small team and only list a small number of businesses, we have a stringent criteria that businesses must meet before we will accept them as clients.  Ultimately our buyers and lending partners are the largest beneficiaries of our stringent vetting process.

Our Holistic Approach

We use our industry expertise to help buyers secure financing, forecast future business performance and perform due diligence. This helps assure that our listings close for the appropriate valuation.

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