Buying an E-commerce Business

There are a multitude of reasons why investors and entrepreneurs have been flocking to the e-commerce industry. Owning a small business has always been appealing to the 40 hour per week crowd. Combine this with the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry and the option to work from your laptop anywhere in the world and […]

Ecommerce Business Valuation Multiples

Ecommerce valuation

If you are looking for a valuation on your e-commerce business, start by filling in the questionnaire below. We’ll be in touch with you to get introduced, discuss the sales process and give you an idea of what your book of buyers would be willing to pay for your business and what type of deal […]

Who Buys Ecommerce Businesses

Ecommerce valuation

Who buys ecommerce businesses In the past year, we have seen growth of buyers outpace the growth of sellers, this means that valuation multiples have risen across the board. This is especially true for the businesses doing over $500k in profit. The three main buyers of Ecommerce businesses we see are: Boutique private equity companies. […]