Automating Your Agency Procedures

If done correctly, automation can do wonders for your marketing agency procedures. Aside from helping you cut costs, it can increase productivity for different areas of your business. The more automated areas there are in an agency, the more that you can sell it at a higher rate. The promise of efficiency plays an important […]

Marketing Agency Deal Structures: Considerations

A deal structure is a set-up that you’ll base your next steps on when the day comes that you decide to exit from your marketing agency. It includes the terms and agreements for both parties (buyer and seller). It’s important to create a thorough deal structure to ensure that you will not have conflicts long […]

Valuation Multiples For Marketing Agencies

How the market values any asset is a function of the supply and demand for that asset. Marketing agencies are no different. In terms of valuation, we see 90% of marketing agencies fall between is 2 – 3.5 X annual profit. Where your business fits into this valuation spectrum is determined by how your business […]

Marketing Agency Valuation Calculator

If you are looking to sell your marketing agency or just want an idea of what it could sell for, fill out the calculator questions below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with an approximate valuation of what your marketing agency is worth. Please note that no calculator is exact and there […]