e-Commerce Capital Raising Services

We work with mid-market e-commerce and software companies on their disposition, capital raising and other investment banking services.

Capital Raising For Your e-Commerce Business

Website Valuation

We will work with the owners of the business to consolidate their financial, traffic and product information into a pitch deck. We will also create supplementary materials to paint a clear picture of the competitive landscape and trends.

Website Listing

We have curated a list of small private equity firms and private lenders with interest in the e-commerce and SAAS industries. We will put your deck in front of them to get a sense for their appetite.

Website Offers

Once interested parties come forward with offers, we will work with you to select the debt or equity deal that is most optimal for your situation.

Website Closing

Once terms have been agreed upon, the investors will present legal documentation and capital to close the financing.

e-Commerce Focused

Because we focus solely on e-Commerce and software businesses, we have an understanding of market trends and valuations as well as contacts with companies who invest in the sector.

e-Commerce Capital

If you are looking to raise debt or equity for your e-commerce business, we may be able to help.

Meet Upward Exits

We’re a small, industry focused team. You’ll be dealing with our partners from start to finish. Stop by and see what we’re about.