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Upward Exits works with buyers & sellers of businesses over $500k.

We Are Digital Business Specialists

We exclusively work with sellers of digitally native businesses. 

We exclusively work with digitally native businesses. We believe that being great in one industry is better than being average at several.

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Professional Valuation

If you run a successful digital business and are interested in selling it, we would be happy to give you a complimentary, professional valuation.

International Website Brokers

Because we work exclusively with digital businesses, we have a network of buyers around the world.

Not sure if you are ready to sell your business?  

You have a couple of options when selling.  You may want to continue to run your business while hiring out operation tasks to employees and professional firms.

Once your business has been streamlined, you can sell your business at a higher valuation.  Businesses that require less of a time investment from the buyer are in higher demand.

How long will your business be listed for?

There is no clearly defined timeline to getting offers.  We have seen businesses close within weeks. We have also seen other businesses that take close to a year.

This depends on what type of offers you are willing to accept, how large your business is and what industry & monetization process your business utilizes.

Upward Exits takes care of the majority of the disposition process. 

We ask for full disclosure of business history, financials, and expectations.

During the valuation process we will likely need 5-10 hours of your time.  

Once buyers begin to make offers, 5-10 hours is typically needed from the seller for phone calls and to provide live verifications to buyers.  It typically takes 3-4 calls in order to get a serious offer on the business.

The business closing and migration process typically takes 10-20 hours from each party.

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