8 Proven Techniques to Grow SaaS Business

grow saas business


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Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Therefore, you have to make sure that the buyer is aware that you exist. This way, it will be easier for you to reach out to them once you’re ready to provide them with your products or services.

8 Tips To Fuel SaaS Business Growth

There are many way to grow a SaaS business. Some of them include:

1. Simplify the sign-up process.

Ask for the basics and nothing else. You don’t want random strangers to ask very detailed things about you. You can bet they feel the same way. Simplify the sign-up forms and keep the design sleek and simple.


Never ask them for very sensitive information, especially during the free trial period. While you don’t have any plans of stealing their information, there’s always a chance (even the smallest bit) that other malicious people may get ahold of this sensitive information.

2. Be transparent with your customers.

When you present your subscription plans, make it accurate. Charge them with the price you told them you will deduct from their accounts. If you come up with hidden charges, expect them to find out before you can explain. Before you know it, they’ve already found a better plan and subscribed to it.

3. Take advantage of SEO for your business website.

Check out the keywords that your competitors are using for their content. See if you can use alternatives to surpass their current ranking. In this case, you have to conduct your keyword research while you compare their data with yours. It’s also a good idea to predict the keywords that they may use in the future. This will help you stay ahead of the game. 


As for your website design, make sure it’s user-friendly for both the desktop and mobile phone users. If they find numerous technical difficulties and lags while browsing your site, chances are they’ll never want to visit it again because of the hassle. Plus, the search engine algorithms will give your site a lower ranking because of the overall quality of your SaaS website.

4. Limit your subscription plans.

Too many plans can confuse your customers. They may even decide not to subscribe at all if they can’t tell one plan from the other. Limiting it to two or three choices will make it easier for them to decide which of the offerings works best for them. You may create a maximum of four choices to make the list of deals a bit more diverse.


In addition, make the descriptions under the plans as concise as possible. Perhaps, layout the plans side by side. This will make it easier for your customers to compare and contrast their choices.

5. Create high-quality content regularly.

It’s not enough to have a bunch of great articles that you posted on your website. If you don’t update the content often, there will come a time that the information will become obsolete. The search engine algorithms will also penalize your website because they ‘think“ you’re not actively using the website even if you have regular visitors.


Call-to-actions (CTAs) are great additions to different parts of your site as well. While these are commonly found on the homepage, you can also insert them in your articles and your advertising materials. CTAs are especially handy to use during email and in-app campaigns.

6. Offer deals from time to time.

Consider this as your form of saying thanks because they stayed with you throughout their subscription period. Aside from this, incentivizing them can eventually encourage them to get another subscription if they’re happy with the offer. An example of a promo you can offer is a larger discount for longer subscription periods.

7. Maximize your free trial campaigns.

Using free trials gives the customers a good idea of what you can offer them after the trial period ends. With this in mind, make sure the quality of service that they receive after the free trial is even better to prevent churn. In case you’re not aware of it yet, letting your subscribers experience free trials can be considered a sort of marketing.

8. Provide rewards for successful referrals.

If you have great services and an even more efficient customer service to go with it, go for referral marketing. Word-of-mouth is still a great way to get the word out about your SaaS business and news will spread fast if you’re a promising service provider. 


When you think about rewards, place yourself in your subscribers’ position. What sort of reward will drive you to promote the business to your friends and loved ones? From there, start conceptualizing.

Wrap Up

SaaS companies heavily rely on the number of subscribers to help the company grow. However, quality is better than quantity when it comes to the organic growth of your business. If you’re aiming for a long-term business with remarkable staying power, you should consider focusing on quality. To do that, you have to constantly improve on the customer service department. After all, this is one of the few things that helps a company stand out from the rest of the competition.


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