Automating Your Agency Procedures

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If done correctly, automation can do wonders for your marketing agency procedures. Aside from helping you cut costs, it can increase productivity for different areas of your business. The more automated areas there are in an agency, the more that you can sell it at a higher rate. The promise of efficiency plays an important role in this regard. Get started with automation by checking out some of these software tools and the business aspects that they target.


Getting a chat support person to answer clients’ queries is the ideal choice in a lot of settings. However, not all businesses have the available funds to hire someone on the spot. It is important to consider the working hours, preferred and realistic live chat service time slots, and the types of questions that the person has to answer.

Chat bot assistance

Chatbots help minimize these problems by being available 24/7 once you set up the proper algorithm for the software. Using this type of tool will help your potential clients get immediate answers to their concerns. These can also be redirected ASAP if they’re complicated issues. On your end, this will help save a lot of time, especially if your business tends to address monotonous questions. You may even use this to “cold chat” potential clients. One of the most common applications that use this tool is Facebook Messenger.

Social Media Manager

Social media presence is important because people nowadays tend to use these websites to connect with friends and loved ones. They’re also popular because of increased opportunities to communicate with people you haven’t even met personally. This is why a lot of businesses find this a great way to reach out to their audience so they can promote their products and services.

The more followers your business social media account has, the greater the chance that you can bid for a higher price by the time you plan to sell it. One aspect that you can automate in this department is the scheduling of the social media posts. It’s important to time the publishing for each of your content to help you have a greater chance of reaching out to more people. Two of the most common apps used for marketing agency procedures like this include Buffer and Hootsuite.

Meeting Scheduler

This is important especially if you’re setting up appointments with multiple people in a month. Having someone else do this for you may run the risk of “double booking” and can lead to bad first impressions. In most cases, it can even lead to lost opportunities because of poor service and responsiveness. In turn, this can negatively impact your agency’s valuation because it can be perceived as inefficient.


On the other hand, if you decide to use appointment-setting applications, you don’t even have to call the clients one by one just to schedule a meeting. All they have to do is to check your online calendar and check out the availability and compare this with their own availability. They can then set the meeting by themselves and you’re good to go. Tools such as Calendly and SetMore are great ones to try out.

Lead Generator

Manual research can take you a very long time (weeks or even months) before you can come up with a few thousand leads. This is not only a waste of time but also a waste of opportunities that should have already been used to close deals and expand your business.

Lead generation tools help make the work a lot easier by identifying the site visitors who will most likely be getting your products or services. Once you identify who these people are, it will be easier for you to market your business and prevent annoying those who are not interested to deal with you at all. Datanyze and Quora are worth checking out for this matter.

Payment and Billing Notifiers

It’s a pain to remember sending invoices and even contacting those who haven’t paid yet. Applications such as Quickbooks, Freshbooks and Wave will help you get through your billing concerns. Aside from generating accounting reports, you may use these tools to manage your invoices and remind your clients of their upcoming payment dates. This will not only help you secure your profits but also prevent losing them due to missed payments. In the long run, this in itself can help increase the value of your marketing agency.


Fine-tuning Your Marketing Agency Procedures

Technology advances at a fast rate and you have to keep up, software tools included. This will help you deliver up-to-date services to your client. At the same time, this can help increase the net value of your business. Also, keep in mind that just because new and advanced automation software is released in the market doesn’t mean that you have to get it. Assess it first, what it does, and if it will really help improve the efficiency of your marketing agency procedures in the long run. After carefully weighing these things and more, only then should you decide if you will get it to further upgrade your marketing agency. If you haven’t started automating yet, now is the time to begin.


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