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Mark Woodbury

Mark Woodbury

Mark is a Co-Founder of Upward Exits. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience in financial modeling, mergers and acquisitions, and online business ventures. When he isn't working or reading, you'll find Mark at the beach or in the mountain with his dog Heisman
If you are looking to sell your marketing agency or just want an idea of what it could sell for, fill out the calculator questions below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with an approximate valuation of what your marketing agency is worth. Please note that no calculator is exact and there are a lot of variables that determine the value of any business. The calculator is intended to give you an idea of what type of valuation you can expect to find.

Each business is evaluated individually, serious inquiries only please.

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If you are early in the exit planning process and looking for some direction on how to make your business more appealing to buyers, try reading our how to sell a marketing agency article

In addition, if your business generates over $250K in annual profit, feel free to get in touch with us and we will setup a time to discuss your exit plans with you.

Marketing Agency Buyers

The majority of marketing agencies sell to strategic buyers, this means other marketing agencies or digital service businesses.

Once businesses get to a certain amount of revenue and number of employees, their growth may stagnate. This is a common problem amongst marketing agencies. Fortunately, the industry lends itself to growing through acquisitions. This means that it often times makes sense for one marketing agency to acquire another or a few others. Since they already have the industry knowledge, team and processes in place, they are really just adding clients to their current business.

agency firm

These large, acquiring agencies may be able to tack on additional services to increase this clients monthly bill. This is commonly referred to as a roll-up or agglomeration. Because it is not necessary that acquirers be located in the same region as the business they are buying, this is common practice for large marketing companies. 

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