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Mark Woodbury

Mark Woodbury

Mark is a Co-Founder of Upward Exits. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience in financial modeling, mergers and acquisitions, and online business ventures. When he isn't working or reading, you'll find Mark at the beach or in the mountain with his dog Heisman

Who We Are

Upward Exits was founded by Mark Woodbury and Alex Shute with the mission to help owners of digital assets sell to other entrepreneurs. We are sell-side representatives, meaning we charge the business owner (seller) a fee for successfully selling their business.

We only work with business owners that have been in business for 2+ years, make a minimum of $200K in annual profit and have maintained clean financial statements. We have found that businesses smaller than this typically take more of our time and effort and are not worth the struggle. In addition, we require that the businesses have clean financial records so that the buyers can clearly understand what is being presented and be assured that the business is legitimate.

About You

We are looking to bring 1-2 brokers on to our team that we will work along side.  The broker will be in charge of all operations that go into successfully valuing, listing, negotiating and selling the business with Alex and Mark assisting them in the process. 

Successful brokers should have the majority of the following traits:


  • An understanding of accounting and GAAP principles.
    • Quantitative financial skills are important to uncovering profitability and structuring mutually beneficial acquisition terms. A CPA is not required, but you need to have general three statement knowledge.
  • Advanced knowledge of online business. You should have earned your stripes with SaaS, SEO, e-Commerce, or another online business model.
    • You can run your own business projects on the side. We see this as part of entrepreneurship and an asset to your knowledge of being a successful broker.
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills are essential in this position. You will need to be able to communicate with business sellers and prospective buyers.
  • Networking. In addition to being able to communicate effectively, you should be able to generate interest in your services by networking with fellow entrepreneurs and digital business owners.
  • We have a strict “No Ass Hole” policy. We are your partners, not your boss. As such, you’ll need to be accountable, fair and friendly. You should expect the same from us.


  • This is not a salaried position. You are payed the same way we are…closing clients deals.
  • We are expecting your first couple transactions to take more of our time than if we were to broker the deals ourselves. As such, we believe that the first two deals should be split 50/50. The more of the process that you are comfortable with, the more of the compensation you should receive.
  • As with most businesses, gaining clients is a difficult task. If you are able to bring your own clients on, you will get a larger portion of their success fee. If we bring you a client that you elect to work with, we will get a larger portion of the success fee.

Work With Us

If this industry and company sounds like a fit for your career, let’s get in touch.

We’d love to see your resume or LinkedIn profile. Tell us as much about yourself and your background as possible. We appreciate you reaching out and will be in touch if we think the position is a fit.


-The Upward Exits Team

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