We Are Online Business Brokers

We don’t sell construction companies, restaurants or real estate. Our business is representing the sellers of online businesses.

Selling Your Online Business

Website Valuation

Once we decide to work with one another, the first step is for us to gather information about your business and discuss the valuation and timeline with you.

Website Listing

Upward Exits will list your business on all of the leading “business for sale” websites that target both investment firm and individual buyers. 

Website Offers

Once your business receives acquisition offers, we discuss the deals with you and negotiate on your behalf. There are almost always contingencies in these deals, so having someone who knows the M&A landscape will prove helpful.

Website Closing

Upward Exits will review the purchase agreement with you, facilitate the asset migration process and oversee the capital transfer.

Narrow Industry Focus

By focusing solely on digitally native businesses we have built a meaningful list of capable buyers.

Request A Valuation

We are happy to create complimentary valuation packets for interested sellers as a professional courtesy.

Get Introduced

We are a small business that works with small businesses. Get introduced to the Upward Exits partners by scheduling a call.

Not sure if you are ready to sell your business?  

Our advice…Start with a conversation. We’ll shoot you straight about the sales process and what you can expect to get for your business.

You can also take a more passive role in running your business. We can refer you to reputable professional service firms to manage you storefront, software, customers and more.

How long will your business be listed for?

There is no clearly defined timeline to getting offers.  We have seen businesses close within weeks. We have also seen other businesses that take close to a year.

Generally speaking, if your business makes over $5M in profit per year, we will have offers on the table for you to choose from within 3-4 months.

Upward Exits takes care of the majority of the disposition process. 

We ask for full disclosure of business history, financials, and expectations.

During the valuation process we will likely need 15-20 hours of your time.