We Are SAAS Business Brokers

We specialize in representing sellers of lower mid-market SAAS, e-commerce and media businesses.

Selling Your SAAS Business

Website Valuation

Once we decide to work with one another, we will need to gather data about your SAAS business to give you an accurate valuation assessment and make sales materials

Website Listing

Depending on your unique business, Upward Exits will share your business offering with boutique private equity firms, search funds, industry buyers and individual buyers or all of the above. Nobody is shown the name of the business until they complete an NDA

Website Offers

Once you receive acquisition proposals, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to help structure a deal that gets you the highest cash on closing and accomplishes any other goals that you lay out.

Website Closing

Once we have reached agreeable terms with buyers, Upward Exits will help transfer the business assets and capital.

Narrow Industry Focus

Because we focus solely on digitally enabled businesses, we have perfected the process of mergers and acquisitions in the sector. We also have a robust rolodex of buyers, lenders and service providers.

SAAS Valuations

SAAS can be tricky, but we’re always honest. Even if it comes in lower than what you were told to expect from other firms, we’ll shoot you straight on what to expect.

Say Hello

Our business is built around serving yours. Contact us today to schedule a time to get introduced and ask us your questions about SAAS transactions.

Not sure if you are ready to sell your business?  

Our advice…Start with a conversation. We’ll shoot you straight about the sales process and what you can expect to get for your business.

You can also take a more passive role in running your business. We can refer you to reputable professional service firms to manage you storefront, software, customers and more.

How long will your business be listed for?

There is no clearly defined timeline to getting offers. We hope to have your sales packet in front of interested, capable buyers within 5 weeks of our engagement.

Generally speaking, the lower your churn rate, older your business and larger your ARR, the quicker it will sell. Private equity companies love to purchase software and they can move quickly.

Upward Exits takes care of the majority of the disposition process. 

We ask for full disclosure of business history, financials, and expectations. If you have been diligent in keeping business records, we’ll need you for less than 20 hours pre-listing.